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The Christmas Play Script (PDF Format)

Murder Mystery Script (PDF Format)

This is an article about Danijel and Eva Mrsic, two people that I met as a result of my work with Global Hand (www.globalhand.org).  If you would like to read about the rest of my trip to Croatia, it is in the April 2004 "news" section.  Danijel and Eva Article (PDF Format)

Here is a poem that I wrote one fall evening in my flat in Budapest. This is the rough and final draft:

To a Wildebeest

O Wildebeest!
I see you romping on the African plains
Your hoofbeats sound squishy after it rains
If I killed you it would make a feast
O Wildebeest.

O Wildebeest!
You look so majestic roaming in packs
Sandwiches from your meat make tasty snacks
And if I cook you the pan will be greased
O Wildebeest.

O Wildebeest!
Your death on my conscience would be too rough
Plus, I hear that your meat is quite tough stuff
So today your numbers will not be decreased
O Wildebeest.

But Wildebeest!
I cannot leave you; You'll come home with me
A pet for my kids! An attraction to see!
You'll be put in a pen with sheep that are fleeced
My Wildebeest.

Books Elliot has read so far this year:

  • Garry Wills, Chesterton
  • Mark Twain, Roughing It
  • Benjamin Barber, Jihad vs. McWorld
  • Billy Graham, The Holy Spirit
  • John Eldredge, Wild at Heart
  • Rick Warren, The Purpose-Driven Life
  • H. Richard Niebuhr, Christ and Culture
  • Jonathan Kwitny, Man of the Century: The Life and Times of Pope John Paul II
  • Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love
  • Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex
  • Sam Wellman, John Wesley: The Great Methodist
  • Charles Dickens, Hard Times
  • Armand Nicholi Jr., The Question of God
  • Erwin Raphael McManus, Seizing Your Divine Moment
  • Leo Tolstoy, A Confession and Other Religious Writings
  • M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled
  • Eugene Peterson, Run With the Horses
  • Joseph Heller, Catch-22
  • Soren Kierkegaard, The Sickness Unto Death
  • Martin Amis, Koba the Dread (about Joseph Stalin)


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