Check out Elliot's Old Site about his adventures in the Czech Republic.

Do you want to meet all the ESI teachers in Hungary?  See their schools?  See pictures of them?  Find out their favorite breakfast cereal?  You can do all this at

Get up close and personal with Neal Ericsson at

Follow Laura Kaurin's adventures in Dunaujvaros at

Meet the most famous Canadian resident of Sokolov, Czech Republic (Brian Kirk) at

Visit the official ESI Website at

Meet Tracy Johnson, a fellow ESI teacher at Elliot's school at

Here is a link to some photos that were put online by Amy Yoder:  She is a teacher with ESI in Dunaujvaros, and she and her roommate come up and hang out in Budapest quite a bit. These photos show a bit of what life is like in Hungary. And I'm in a couple of them, too.

Here is a link to a Web-cam of Budapest.  I wish that I had found it earlier:


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Last update: 06/24/04