Most of the ESI Hungary teachers at training. Front left: Neal, Aimee C., Annika, Laura, Abi. Middle: Sharon, Judi, Sarabeth, Amy, Katie, Claudia, Janna, Ryan C. Back: Elliot, Vangie, Yvonne, Tracey G.

Doug and Jessie at their wedding, July 6, 2003.

Stian, Trina, Leah, Krisztina, me and Neal at a dinner party. This evening had a Middle Eastern theme, since several people had just returned from a trip to Jordan.  Contributing to this theme was the smoking of a water pipe.  This was the first time I'd ever tried it.
Stian, Leah, Krisztina and me in Soomi's flat.  I go to church with all these people. This is the 9D Advanced class. I saw them more than any other class this year: 8 hours per week. Front row: Zalan and Gabor H. Back Row: Gergo" (this 'o' is supposed to have two slashes above it, if you can do that), Tibor P., Gabor N., Roland, David, Adam, Attila, Tibor S., Peter, Gabor M.
Sting (and Suzanne Vega) gave a free concert in Budapest on June 5, and here's a picture of (from left) Kevin, Bruce, me, Neal, Tracy and Danielle in the hot and sweaty crowd. On one of the last days of school, here are (from left) me, Kriszta, Balazs, Tracy, Neal, Andi and Annika






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